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Chairman’s Message

Myself, your Chair (Kath) and my husband Syd as well as the Officers and Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.


I would like to express my appreciation to Peter Jenkins who stepped in to cover the Rally Secretary position for all the hard work he has put in to make our rally programme happen.

But my biggest thanks goes out to you the members as without your continued support to the centre would not exist.


Don’t forget to have a look at our website in the New Year and book your weekend getaway or may be a holiday break.

We look forward to seeing many of our members on the rally field in 2024.


What are your Goals for 2024? Mine: To make more friends on rallies


Kathryn Hulm

Secretary’s Message

Thank you for allowing me to become your Secretary for this coming year.

To keep the continuity of the Centre I have decided to take the Secretary’s role again and use my knowledge gathered during the last 9 years on Committee.


I have been a member of the East Dorset Centre since 1986 and rallied with them for many years. During my time as your Rally Secretary, Chairman & now Secretary, I have learnt a lot about how the Centre runs. I am now acting Rally Secretary, until we can find a willing member to come forward. 

I believe that the East Dorset Centre is going in the right direction for today’s modern world of technology. Whilst being on Committee, I have seen the Centre Website improved to what it is today, with online booking and useful information. This is all thanks to your Rally Secretary Mike Tuck, for working on the development of the site.


We are now using the cloud storage to keep all the Centre documents that have to be retained for records. This seems to be working well now.


Last year we had an increase in Centre Members but this year we have had a decrease of 205 against last year. This is possibly due to people now deciding that holidays at home are not for them and selling their outfits.


Myself, your acting Rally Secretary I have been working hard to put this coming years programme together for your enjoyment. Please use our website at to have a look at the programme and our online booking facility. Please print the Overview sheet out and keep it in your van, as this replaces your old Rally Book now.


If you have any news for the website, then please forward it to me at or me at and I will forward it on to our website manager Pam Oak and we will publish it.  


I am looking forward to the year ahead and ask for all of your support and we should all have a fun time Rallying together.

A very big thank you to all the Committee members.


Happy Rallying in 2024

Peter Jenkins

 Rally Secretary’s Message

The future looks quite promising for our Centre, this coming year. We have a full and interesting programme for the coming year, although we have reduced the total number of rallies slightly. This is partly because of the difficulty of finding suitable sites at sensible prices and also a reflection of reduced demand.

Thank you to all the Rally Officers who have come forward this year to help with running a rally.

You will see elsewhere on this website that rally officers will never be out of pocket regarding their pitch fees when running rallies in future, this is because, the Centre has agreed to pay them when the sites won’t.

There are also a number of other new helpful guidelines for rally officers, which will make the job even easier. It really is good fun, you make lots of new friends and you are able to help your Centre at the same time, go on, give it a go.

Planning for 2025 has already started with a few rallies already booked. As always if you have any ideas for sites or events we can exploit, please come and see me on the rally field or send me an email.

Please keep an eye on our website and use the online booking forms. when booking our rallies please pay by BACs and let the Rally Officer and Treasurer that you have paid and for what rally number.

Please check the "I consent " box to allow us to use your name, Centre and Car Registration on an attendance list

Happy Rallying in 2024,

Peter Jenkins (Acting Rally Secretary)



Please note:- Rally Officers, who require a Rally Kit for their rallies, must contact the Rally Kit Officer well in advance of their rally, this will ensure that you have your rally kit in time and avoid any last minute panic.

Those Rally Officers who require Centre Equipment i.e. Urns, Shelters etc. are to contact the Centre Equipment Officer well in advance of your rally so that  these items can be reserved for you in good time.

Rally Kit Officer: Mr John Dunn                            Centre Equipment Officer: Mr Ken Oak

Tel: 02380 845415   Mobile: 07413 009059               Tel: 01202 570750 Mob: 07931 937309

Email:                                  Email:



Rally Officers please note that, depending on the site security, the Centre Flagpole is to be dismantled and stowed away, where possible, (i.e. locked car boot) every evening,

This is to avoid the loss of Centre equipment. Any queries contact the Rally Kit Officer. Please ensure that the flag is completely dry before it is packed away in the storage bag provided.  DO NOT put  it in a plastic carrier bag.


Although there are some new venues for our rallies this year, we are always on the look out for fresh sites. Interesting rallies can often be organised to coincide with local events, such as fetes, shows, etc, so long as we know in good time.

Do you know of a suitable site? If so, please let the Rally Secretary have details ASAP.


If you have to cancel a pre-booked rally, please let your Rally Officers know as soon as you can, so your pitch can be reallocated to a family who are on the waiting list.

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