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(The new way to accurately locate your destination)

The whole world has been divided up into 3 metre squares and each one given a unique random three word location, this pinpoints your destination more accurately than the Post Code and is used by the Emergency Services to find people in trouble.

When you have downloaded the What3Words App on your phone, you will have to register your account using google; you will find a search box at the top of the screen which will give you your location. To the right in this, box you will see a square and a voice box. The square if you tap it will give you a scanning window; the voice box will allow you to speak the location required.


Use the scanning window and place it over the What3Words location in the rally write up, it will lock into your phone and go to the map location your require. You can save this location with a name for future needs by pressing ‘save’ at the bottom, by adding a label to it. This will save it to your favourites in your ‘saved locations’


To navigate to your chosen location press ‘navigate’ at the bottom of your screen and choose maps and you will get directions from google maps.

What3Words allows you to save as many locations as you need, so you could scan all your locations before you travel. These can then all be found by tapping favourites. Most Satnavs will not accept What3Words so you will need to use the postcode to get to the site using your Satnav, but as the locations in What3Words are more accurate, you can switch to your phone for the last mile or so using this App.

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