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Here you'll find all the essential information for our Ralliers.

The Information Page

1. BOOKING IN. Booking applications for rallies should be with the Rally Officer at least 10 days before the rally. Rally site fees should be paid before arrival, preferably by bank transfer. However, if using cheques they must be made payable to: - THE CARAVAN AND MOTORHOME CLUB - EAST DORSET CENTRE, or ‘CAMC East Dorset Centre’ and not the rally officer.


2. DEPOSIT. A non-returnable deposit for the amount stated in the rally book is sometimes required, especially on commercial sites.  Please book in online as usual and then post the deposit to the rally officer, or pay by BACS.  Contact the Rally Officer for details.  On holiday/special or bank holidays, where special arrangements have been applied due to organisation and planning, a refund of a deposit will be subject to the Committee’s decision and will be considered against the conditions prevailing at the time.



If a rallier has to cancel a booking the following rules will apply: 


a, Deposits are always non-refundable, unless the Committee decides otherwise.

b, The Centre Committee will consider a full refund if you cancel due to an urgent medical procedure/condition, or bereavement.

c, Cancellation up to six weeks before the Rally, you will receive a 100% refund. If you cancel after this, you will receive a 75%   refund of the pitch fees only. The Centre will withhold 25% and the admin fee to cover Centre expenses.

d, If no payment for the rally is received within 2 weeks of the rally, then we will assume you are not coming and you booking will be cancelled.

e, Late bookings will still be accepted right up to the rally commencement date, with immediate payment by BACS only.


4. COMMENCEMENT. Weekend rallies will commence on Friday at 2.00pm unless otherwise stated. If you arrive early you wiil not be allowed entry or be insured by the club.


5. REFUSAL OF ENTRY OR REMOVAL WITH COMMITTEE APPROVAL. The Rally Officers reserve the right to refuse entry to the rally field to any Rallier or to request his/her removal if they are considered to be causing a nuisance to fellow ralliers.

All Rallies have a published start time, this is set to allow the Rally Officers time to put out direction signs etc. and get themselves organised.

It is very important that this time is observed, if you arrive early you will not be sited and you will not be covered by the Caravan and Motorhome Club insurance.


6. SITING. All ralliers should report to the Rally Officer and site their outfit on the pitch as indicated by the Rally Officer.


7. SANITATION. Own sanitation must be provided at rallies, where required. Facilities for disposal of chemical effluent will normally be provided. On no account must toilets or anything else be serviced under the drinking water tap.


8. DRY WASTE. Ralliers must make provision for the storage and removal of all dry waste and ensure that their pitches are left clean and tidy on departure.


9. SAFETY ON THE RALLY FIELD. On the rally field ralliers must not:

9.1 Exceed 5mph (i.e. walking pace)

9.2 Permit learner or unlicensed drivers to drive any motor vehicle.

9.3 Ride bikes, fly kites or any aeronautical items, use motorised leisure equipment, play ball or similar games in the vicinity of cars or caravans (including tethered ball games).

9.4 Light barbecues, in or close to awnings, trees, bushes, cars or caravans. especially in very dry weather.

9.5 Cause annoyance to fellow ralliers by the creation of excessive noise or by the playing of radios, televisions etc. Particularly when such activities are carried out at night.

9.6 Cause annoyance to fellow ralliers by the creation of excessive smoke, either by BBQ or cigarettes. Particularly near social venues. 

 All incidents resulting in injury to person or persons must be reported to the Rally Officer on the day.


10. CONTROL OF JUNIORS. Parents and Guardians are responsible, at all times, for the actions and behaviour of their children.


11. PETS. Pets must be kept under full control by a responsible person at all times and when outside of the caravan must be on a lead not exceeding 10 feet (3 metres). Exercising is to be well clear of the caravans. If fouling of the rally field occurs, excrement must be removed by the pet owner.


12. GENERATORS. The use of generators are permitted on the rally field with prior permission of the Rally Officer. Use should be restricted to the hours between 9.00am and 6.00pm.

13. VISITORS/GUESTS. Ralliers must ensure their visitors/guests report to the Rally Officer upon arrival.


Care should be exercised when offering assistance to other ralliers to tow units off waterlogged

pitches and fields to ensure that the operation is carried out safely.

Those offering such assistance need to be aware that the Club’s Public Liability insurance does not provide cover for this activity.

Cover would need to be provided under the personal insurance policies of those involved.

In addition, if payment is made for doing so, the person providing the assistance needs to ensure that he is not in breach of his insurance policy by ‘plying for hire’ should an accident occur.


15. FLAGS. In the event of inclement weather, members are requested to avoid unnecessary use of vehicles. In the event of possible damage to the site the rally officer may restrict the movement/use of vehicles by flying a YELLOW FLAG from the flagpole.


16. ENQUIRIES. A stamped addressed envelope will be required for any postal enquiries requiring an answer. Or contact the Chairman or Secretary by email, contact details on page 2.

17. COUNTRY CODE. Ralliers should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Country Code.

18. CENTRE ACTIVITIES. All Caravan & Motorhome Club members are entitled to attend all Centre activities.  Guests of Caravan & Motorhome Club members (non-members) may attend rallies and/or socials at the invitation of a Caravan & Motorhome Club member.  Non-members may stay overnight but only in their hosts unit, who will be responsible for their guests. Non-members are not permitted to bring their own units on site.

19. NOISE. For the comfort of others, it is requested ralliers curtail noise levels at 11.00 pm until 8.00am. Please be aware others may wish to retire at this time and may not wish to be disturbed until 8.00am.

20. RALLY KIT. It is the Rally Officer, or their representative’s, responsibility to collect the rally kit for their rally from the previous rally, or as directed by the Rally Kit Officer.

21. TENTS. Pup tents (i.e. 2 person) are only allowed on some rallies. Please contact the Rally Officer for guidance. Tents must be sited not to cause any obstruction or hazard.

22. PAYMENT FOR RALLY. Payment by Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. Full payment to take place before the rally. If using a cheque, please make sure cheques are made payable to:-


23. GDPR PRIVACY POLICY. The personal data you provide is collected and processed for the purpose of the inclusion and publication of the Rally Handbook and the running of rallies. We assume any personal data you provide relating to other individuals is done so with their consent. You can object to your data being used in this way; however it may not be possible to remove your data after the Rally Handbook has been published, but will be removed from the website upon request to the website officer.

24. ALLERGENS.  Please be aware that all food provided at rallies may contain allergens. If you have any dietary requirements please make the relevant rally marshal aware. We cannot accept any responsibility for the allergens contained in any food that we provide and can only pass on the information which is provided to us by our suppliers, or on the products that we buy to serve. 

25. RALLY OFFICERS.  In order to encourage Rally Officers to volunteer to run a Rally, the Centre has agreed they should not be out of pocket by having to pay their pitch fees. When free pitches are not available, the pitch fees will not be loaded to cover this. The Centre will make up the short fall and reimburse the Officers.

All rallies should have as a minimum of 2 Rally Officer Vans on site. This is for Security and Health and Safety reasons. (Leaving site and preparing for the event or even Illness or accident preventing one of the Officers from attending.)On all rallies, only 2 Rally Officers will be allowed when up to 40 outfits are attending. Above this quantity a third rally Officer can be added if required.

If the site owner offers only one free pitch then the Centre pays for the second Officer pitch.

If the site offers one free pitch for a certain amount of outfits and this is not reached. i.e. One free pitch for 20 outfits including Officers. If 19 or less outfits arrive on site (meaning no free pitch is given) then the Centre will pay for the 2 Rally Officers pitch fees.

On Holiday rallies Overseas, where only one free pitch is offered by the site then the second pitch is paid for by the Centre. Travel costs will be met by the Rally Officers.

Rallies will only be cancelled, if less than 7 outfits are booked including the Rally Officers, no earlier than 9 days before the rally starts. Commercial sites may require longer notice. The Rally Secretary must be contacted to discuss whether the rally is to be cancelled, (cost implications with deposits, events booked etc. are to be considered) contact the Chairman if the Rally Secretary is unavailable.

The Rally Officers are included in the above quantities of units.

26. ELECTRIC HOOK-UP ALLOCATION. When a site offers Electric Hook Up, members will request this requirement on their booking form. If a limited number of EHU points are only available, then these will be allocated by the Rally Officers on a first come first served basis. If the rally is a Holiday/long rally, then the member asking for EHU must be booking for at least 50% of the rally number of nights. If the member requires EHU because of Special needs, this must be indicated on the booking form at the time of booking. Splitters are only to be used at the discretion of the site owner.

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